Multi-Fit Wet Dry Vacuum Bags Dust Filter VF2005TP General New Orleans Mall Bag $17 Multi-Fit Wet Dry Vacuum Bags VF2005TP General Dust Filter Bag ( Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care Vacuum Parts Accessories Multi-Fit Wet Dry Vacuum Bags Dust Filter VF2005TP General New Orleans Mall Bag $17 Multi-Fit Wet Dry Vacuum Bags VF2005TP General Dust Filter Bag ( Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care Vacuum Parts Accessories Vacuum,/hexaploid147067.html,Multi-Fit,(,Dust,$17,VF2005TP,Wet,Bags,Bag,Dry,Filter,,General,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care , Vacuum Parts Accessories Vacuum,/hexaploid147067.html,Multi-Fit,(,Dust,$17,VF2005TP,Wet,Bags,Bag,Dry,Filter,,General,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care , Vacuum Parts Accessories

Multi-Fit Wet Dry Vacuum Bags Dust Cheap bargain Filter VF2005TP General New Orleans Mall Bag

Multi-Fit Wet Dry Vacuum Bags VF2005TP General Dust Filter Bag (


Multi-Fit Wet Dry Vacuum Bags VF2005TP General Dust Filter Bag (


Product description

Each of these 6 disposable filter bags collect everyday messes to make disposal more convenient.

Not for wet use. Does Not fit WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacuums.

Fits: Most 10 to 14 gallon Shop-Vac* and Genie vacuums. The VF2005 shop vacuum bags were designed for Multi-Fit as a replacement part for Shop-Vac* Catalog No: 906-62-00; 9066200 Type F; 906-72-00 9067200 Type J; 906-72-00 9067200 Type I; parts #12322 that are marketed for use with models including:

14LT400, 14RT400A (10 Gal), 16LTP550A, 16RHT650C (14 Gal), 16RT600C, 16RTP550A, 3030 (10 Gal), 3030 (12 Gal), 3331.0 (12 Gal), 3332 (12 Gal), 3332 (10 Gal), 3332.0H (10 Gal), 3332.0H (12 Gal), 3332.5A (12 Gal), 3332.5A (10 Gal), 3333.5, 3333.OH, 3334.0, 4020 (10 Gal), 4025 (10 Gal), 4030 (14 Gal), 4030 (12 Gal), 4030 (10 Gal),

4045 (14Gal), 4045 (12 Gal), 4045 (10 Gal), 4045A (14 Gal), 4045A (12 Gal), 4045A (10 Gal), 464D (12 Gal), 464D (14 Gal), 5025, 5275, 600A (10 Gal), 6045 (10 Gal), 6045AH (10 Gal), 6060 (12 Gal), 6060 (10 Gal), 610, 610A, 610B (12 Gal), 610B (10 Gal), 700A (10 Gal), 700E (10 Gal), 700M, 700N (10 Gal), 700N (12 Gal), 800L (10 Gal), 800L (12 Gal), 800M (10 Gal), 800M (12 Gal), 800N8030 (10 Gal), 8030 (12 Gal), 8040 (12 Gal), 8040 (10 Gal), 8045 (12 Gal), 8045 (10 Gal), 8045A (10 Gal), 8050A (12 Gal), 8050A (10 Gal), 84L350, 84L400, 84L450, 85L400, 85L450 (12 Gal), 85L450 (14 Gal), 85L500, 85L600, 86EM350 (10 Gal), 86L250, 86L250B, 86L300, 86L400 (12 Gal), 86L400 (10 Gal), 86L450, 86L500 (12 Gal), 86L500A,

86M350 (10 Gal), 86MT500A, 86MT600C, 87L400, 87L450, 87L500A, 87MT650C, 87P350, 9000A (10 Gal), 9000A (12 Gal), 900A (10 Gal), 900A (12 Gal), 90L400, 90L500, 90L500 / A, 90L550A, 90L650A (14 Gal), 90L650C (14 Gal), 90LN550A (14 Gal), 90LN550A (12 Gal), 90LN650C (14 Gal), 90LN650C (14 Gal), 914G-2S (12 Gal), 92L2S250 (12 Gal), 92L400, 92L500A, 92L550A, 92L650C (12 Gal), 92L650C (10 Gal), 92M500A, 92M650B, 92M650C (12 Gal), 92M650C (10 Gal), 92P350 (12 Gal), 92P350 (10 Gal), 92P550A, 92P650A (14 Gal), 950A (10 Gal), 950B (14 Gal), 950B (10 Gal), 950C, 970B / C (10 Gal), 984A (15 Gal), 984B (15 Gal), BLB350, BLB450 (12 Gal), BLB450 (10 Gal), BLB550 (12 Gal), BLB550 (14 Gal), BLB650C (12 Gal), BLB650C (14 Gal), BMB550, CH87-650C, K14-450, K14-550,

K14-550A, K14-600B, LL625 (15 Gal), LL650 (15 Gal), LM500, LPV550 (14 Gal), QL20ATS (10 Gal), QL20TS, QL30A (10 Gal), QL30B / C (10 Gal), QL30CIC, QL30OD, QL40A (12 Gal), QL40A (14 Gal), QL40OD, QL45 (12 Gal), QL45 (14 Gal), QL450D, QL45A (14 Gal), QL45A (12 Gal), QL45A / BIC, QL50, QL50A, QL50B, QL50C, QL60 (10 Gal), QL60A (12 Gal), QL60B (12 Gal), QL60BIC (10 Gal), QL60CIC (10 Gal), QL60OD, QL60ODF, QL650IC (10 Gal), QM30 (10 Gal), QM30 (12 Gal), QM30A (10 Gal), QM30A (12 Gal), QM450A (12 Gal), QM450A (10 Gal), QPL30 (10 Gal), QPL40, QPL45 (14 Gal), QPL45 (12 Gal), QPL45A (14 Gal), QPL45A (12 Gal), QPL45A (10 Gal), QPL50A (12 Gal), QPL50A (10 Gal), QPL60 (12 Gal), QPL650 (12 Gal), QPL650 (10 Gal), QPM45 (12 Gal), QPM45 (10 Gal), QPM4

5A (12 Gal), QPM45A (10 Gal), QPS25 (10 Gal), QPS30 (12 Gal), QPS30 (10 Gal), QPS35 (12 Gal), QPS35 (10 Gal), QPS40, QPV10.5 (14 Gal), QPV10.5 (10 Gal), QPV10.5B (14 Gal), QPV10.5B (12 Gal), QPV10.5B (10 Gal), QPV11.5 / A (10 Gal), QS30A (12 Gal), QS30A (10 Gal), QUL550, QULP550 (14 Gal), QULP650 (10 Gal), QUM400, QUM500, QUM650, QUMP350-P (10 Gal), QUMP350-P (12 Gal), QUMP550-P (12 Gal), QUMP550-P (10 Gal), QUMP650, QXL30ATS (14 Gal), QXL30ATS (12 Gal), QXL30ATS (10 Gal), QXL30TS, SL14-400, SL14-600C, SS14-350A (10 Gal), SS14-600C, SS16-450, SS16-500A, ULB550, ULSR001 (10 Gal), UM2S250 (10 Gal), UM2S250 (12 Gal), UMB350, VN90550A, VN91550, VN92550A (14 Gal).

*This is NOT a product of, nor is it sponsored or endorsed by Shop-Vac Corp. or Genie. Shop-Vac is a registered trademark of Shop-Vac Corp. Genie is a trademark of Genie Corp.

From the manufacturer

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Fits Most 10 to 14-gallon Shop-Vac and Genie vacuums Most 10 to 14-gallon Shop-Vac and Genie vacuums Most 15 to 22-gallon Shop-Vac and Genie vacuums Most 15 to 22-gallon Shop-Vac and Genie vacuums
Includes 3 bags 6 bags 3 bags 6 bags
Best For Dry, everyday dirt and fine particle debris like drywall dust Dry, everyday dirt and fine particle debris like drywall dust Dry, everyday dirt and fine particle debris like drywall dust Dry, everyday dirt and fine particle debris like drywall dust

Multi-Fit Wet Dry Vacuum Bags VF2005TP General Dust Filter Bag (

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I have always been interested in the culinary world, and with the help of Northwest Florida State College, I am able to fulfill my desire of becoming a future chef.

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